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Exterior Change Requests
Exterior Change Requests
Exterior Changes to Homeowners' properties require prior approval from the group representing the Architecture Commitee (Commitee, presently the VGHOA Board of Directors) for any exterior changes on any property including but not limited to: buildings, fences, walls or other structures. In considering the appoval of an exterior change request the Committee will consider at least the following three issues:

In order to apply for an exterior change request, an Exterior Change Application Form must be completed. The form and instructions on where to send it after completing the form may be obtained by choosing either of the following two options:

  1. Use this option if you want to print off a hard copy of the form and complete it by hand: For hand written entry

  2. Use this option if you want to complete the form in Microsoft Word and either print it or send it via email: For MS Word entry

Copies of the Covenants as well as the Architecture Standards and Construction Specifications are available from the VGHOA Management Agent. They can also be obtained from this site by choosing either of the two links below:

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